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Chase Family Boxed Set Two:
The Flowers

Three complete novels
in one specially priced set!

The Ashcroft motto is "Question Convention," and the family is eccentric indeed. An avid gardener, the Earl of Trentingham named his daughters after his favorite flowers, and his son Rowan's name comes from a tree. Though their mother is a successful amateur matchmaker, the last thing Violet, Rose, and Lily want is Mum plotting their marriages. Is it any wonder the Ashcroft sisters are destined to find love in unconventional ways?

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VIOLET - England, 1673 - Violet Ashcroft isn't planning to marry—she'd rather spend her time improving her mind than risking her heart. That is, until a handsome viscount named Ford Chase moves into the neighborhood…

LILY - England, 1677 - Lily Ashcroft fell for dashing Oxford professor Lord Randal Nesbitt at sixteen. Four years later, her older sister Rose wants him…and what can Lily do but help her sister land the man of her dreams?

ROSE - England, 1677 - Determined to land a wealthy, titled husband, Rose Ashcroft heads off to Charles II's court to find love. And runs smack dab into Christopher "Kit" Martyn, the one man who could ruin all her plans.

Series Info: Chase Family Series

The Marquess of Cainewood and his siblings are eminent members of King Charles II’s merry English court. But Jason, Colin, Kendra, and Ford are also family—which means they’re loud, argumentative, and always meddling in each other’s lives. As the four Chases find their paths toward true love, they help and hinder one another through bouts of passion and despair on their way to happily ever after…

AmethystEmeraldForevermoreAmberVioletLilyRoseA Secret Christmas

Book Info

  • Violet is a full-length novel of 106,000 words (about 424 printed book pages)
  • Lily is a full-length novel of 102,000 words (about 408 printed book pages)
  • Rose is a full-length novel of 110,900 words (about 440 printed book pages)
  • R-rated content: Steamy love scenes!


  • All - Top Ten Bestsellers on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook
  • Lily - Rose Award Nominee!
  • Rose - Finalist for the 2004 More Than Magic Award!
  • Rose - Winner of the Golden Quill Award for Best Historical Romance!

Quotes from Reviewers


Both Violet and Ford are charming…this breezy summer read will satisfy [Royal's] rapidly growing fan base.Publishers Weekly

Lauren Royal introduces us to the eccentric and enchanting Ashcroft family in her newest novel.…This delectable romp is sure to be just the confection readers need for a sweet night's read…the utterly adorable characters and the addition of real historical personages as well as a sweet love story is guaranteed to charm. —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BOOKclub

Royal deftly mixes brief appearances from historical figures and fascinating period details into the plot of her latest engaging romance, and the delightfully unconventional cast of characters gives her the chance to display her gift for understated humor. —John Charles, Booklist (American Library Association)

Lauren Royal treats readers to another winning novel, filled with laughter and humor…sensual scenes that sizzle, and another eccentric family fans will fall in love with. I just can't describe how much I enjoyed and recommend this story; you'll just have to get a copy of your own and sit back for an evening of fun. You won't want to put Violet down until you reach the end. —Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

Fans of Amanda Quick will find this romantic pair to be exactly their cup of tea. —Amanda Killgore, Huntress Book Reviews

…The first book of a delightful new series, this zany romp is full of humor and characters you wish lived next door. I love the way Ms. Royal has blended real historical facts throughout this adorable read. —Kathy Baker, Waldenbooks

A delightful story starring two, for the most part, endearing, brilliant eccentrics.Midwest Book Review


A captivating historical romance. Fans of Jo Beverley and Julia Quinn will love Lauren Royal! —Kira Morgan, author of Seduced by Destiny

Enchanting, tender, and filled with memorable characters who simply charm their way into your heart. —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BOOKclub

…another triumph of deliciously sensual romance played against the fascinating world of Restoration England. —John Charles, Booklist (American Library Association)

…a refreshing story, told with much humor…a real joy to read. —Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today


This wonderful conclusion to the Flower series is as charming and engaging as Royal's other romances. She portrays the 17th century and Charles II's colorful reign with a deft hand, filling the pages with the history and atmosphere of the era. Relax, enjoy, and delight in another luscious tale. —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BOOKclub

Be good to yourself and take this title home as soon as it hits the shelves. —Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

Bringing her Ashcroft sisters series to a delightful close, Royal vividly details the seductively glamorous court of Charles II. —John Charles, Booklist (American Library Association)

…full of wit and sensuality, a thoroughly engaging read. —Lea Moyer, Romance and Friends

A fun, romantic stroll…exemplary details of the period, interesting and unusual habits among the elite, and a tempting romance to heat up the pages. —Cheré Coen, The Bakersfield Californian

Rose is a charming book…you will find yourself giggling, worrying and laughing out loud.AOL Romance Fiction Forum

If you enjoy reading historicals about kings and castles and noblemen, this book is a must for your reading list. —Sherri Myers, RomanceJunkies.com

…a fun, educational and spirited romp into another time. —Deb Moores, HistoricalRomanceWriters.com

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