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This book is by
Sean and Corinna's story (Griffin and Rachael's story too!… last in the Regency Chase Brides series!

London, 1817

Lady Corinna Chase is a talented painter—who also happens to be a girl. Unfortunately, in London’s art world, that means fewer opportunities and more obstacles. But rebellious Corinna isn’t about to let anything divert her from achieving her dreams. Not even the suspicious behavior of the gorgeous Irishman who’s just moved in next door…

Sean Delaney isn’t who he says he is. Well, he is Sean Delaney, but many people have the impression that he’s John Hamilton, a renowned landscape artist (probably because that’s how he introduced himself). The real John may have blackmailed Sean into the deception, but Sean’s going to have to get himself out of it—or risk spoiling not only his sister’s future, his family’s good name, and the enterprise he built from scratch, but any chance he may have with his lovely new neighbor…

Meanwhile, Corinna's older brother Griffin is helping their cousin Rachael find her father. Rachael is a beauty, but Griffin is wedded to his bachelorhood. Besides, they’re cousins—and though it’s not unusual for cousins to wed, Rachael can’t stomach the thought of marrying even a very distant (and handsome) one like Griffin. Until their search leads them to discover they’re not actually related, after all…

Series Info: Regency Chase Brides

Playing matchmaking mama to three Regency ladies isn’t easy—especially if you’re not even a mama, but a clueless older brother thrust into unexpected responsibility. Alexandra is the dependable one, Juliana the schemer, and Corinna the artistic rebel. But Griffin Chase’s three younger sisters all prove equally maddening as he attempts to help them find love…while perhaps managing to secure a lady’s affections for himself…


Book Info

  • A full-length novel
  • PG-rated content: Kisses only, no love scenes! If you prefer steamy books, The Art of Temptation is a steamy version of this book.


  • Finalist for the RWA Award of Excellence!

Quotes from Reviewers

Royal adds her hallmark spark of humor to a delightful story of mistaken identity that turns into a charming comedy of errors. Her characters are truly enchanting, her plotline light and endearing.…Let the mayhem and delicious madness begin! —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times BOOKreviews

The characters are lovable because of their foibles. —Sarrah Knight, TheRomanceReader.com

…an all consuming romance that will carry the reader away, blocking out the real world, at least until the last page is turned and the last sigh is sighed. —Donna Zapf, SingleTitles.com

Sean is a wonderful hero and readers will love him. Corinna is the perfect match for him…the story moves at a brisk pace and readers will be anxious to see how the situations are resolved…this is definitely a must read. —Susan T, Fallen Angel Reviews

Lauren Royal proves that she knows what her readers enjoy. Brava! Encore! —Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

…quite a lovely story…unique…the characters felt very real. —Lynn Lamy, Rakehell.com

…a sweet confection of a story that will easily steal your heart…delightful, delicous, and glorious reading enticement [that] shines on every page! —Sarah W, Romance Junkies

Passion, kindness, respect and mutual admiration make Corinna and Sean favorites with this reader…a wholly satisfying experience, one that will have readers sighing contentedly with the turn of the very last page! —Melissa Fowler, The Romance Readers Connection

…an intricately woven, romantic tale…a delight to read. Unable to stop turning the pages, I was riveted. —Annmarie, JoyfullyReviewed.com

…a well-researched, solid story with lively characters [and] chuckle-out-loud humor throughout. Along with the main story line, there are delightful subplots making the whole book thoroughly enjoyable. —Vee, Night Owl Romance

What a wonderful book…It has just the right amount of passion and class, with a most refreshing plot…The book flows beautifully…and infuses humor with sadness making it one of the best stories I have read in a long while&Hellip;one of the best couples I have ever met…historical romance perfection. —Shannon Johnson, Romance Reader at Heart (Top Pick!)

A case of mistaken identity, two well-intentioned but clueless brothers, and several other amusing complications make this a richly detailed romp through London in 1817. —Lynne Welch, NoveList

…soars and swoops with spellbinding romance. This is a lush and well told tale that features a hero and heroine sure to please...chock full of good, old fashioned romance...a glorious read. —Sarah, ARomanceReview.com

…a treasure…everything one could hope for in a happily-ever-after. —Marilyn Rondeau of Reviewers International Organization (RIO), CK2 Kwips and Kritiques

What a charming, can't put down story! I was completely drawn in during the first pages…Sean Delaney is a worthy hero and Corinna is feisty, beautiful and talented. A wonderful duo! This is a must read book! —Jeannine D. Van Eperen, Gotta Write Network

…a sweetly spellbinding tale of desire, loyalty, ambition and deception all bound together...impossible to put down. [The] characters are crafted in such a way that readers can't help but adore them…a truly splendid read from start to finish. This is the first of this author's books that I've read, but it certainly won't be the last. —Lindy, TwoLips Reviews

…a funny and light read with a wonderful hero and a heroine who are both witty and very original…delightful. —Kate Garrabrant, Fresh Fiction

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